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   OK – you’ve decided to buy a home. Now, beware of the "what if?" game. Sure, you already know how its played. "What if… you can’t find the right home? What if … you don’t qualify for a mortgage? What if … you don’t have enough money for downpayment?" It’s so easy to be drawn into the game … yet so much easier to avoid it.

   For your best home purchase ever, begin with the selection of a real estate agent. Choose an informed agent with experience, training, and knowledge level to provide a reliable stream of answers to your questions. You’ll quickly find that "what ifs" stop finding their way into your conversations. What’s more, you’ll notice they are replaced with clear, accurate information that eradicates all those pesky, nagging doubts.

   What about that perfect home you want to find? If you choose your agent carefully, your new home will appear before you know it. Cultivate a wholesome relationship with the agent by explaining your goals, your financial abilities, and your concerns. Then, and only then, will the agent be able to identify suitable homes for your inspection.

   Begin today. Ask the agent for the names of satisfied buyers already served. Expect to benefit from the agent’s experience, sincerity, and commitment to helping you achieve your objectives.

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